About us


The entire world knows Portugal for its sun and its beaches. But the truth is: there is a region in Portugal where it falls more water from the sky ("cai água" is the Portuguese expression for “water is falling”) than it does in London and Copenhagen together. The green landscapes of Minho, facing the blue Atlantic, and the fishing tradition along the entire coast have inspired CAIÁGUA. A brand that seeks for something as simple as: why shouldn’t we feel as comfortable and attractive in a rainy day, as we do in a sunny one?


This store was designed to make every step of the shopping process simple and fast. Always (I mean it: always) concerned with addressing everything – from the finest details of our brand's products to any payment protocol – as clearly and transparently as possible. For any reason that may seem pertinent to you, please write to us:


José Cabral


p.s. - the brand and its garments are 100% conceived and produced in Portugal.